The Friday Challenge


The idea of the weekly challenges in Steve Caplin's book "How to Cheat in Photoshop" is to learn and develop the skills of photoshop and photorealistic montage. Each challenge involves a start image and a suggested outcome. The end result, however, may not always coincide with the suggested outcome as you will see in just a small sample of the many challenges I have posted.

Forum members will always offer their own comments or encouragement and before each new challenge is posted Steve will offer his own constructive and always helpful critisism for each post. They are always fun and I hope will continue to be so.

It is amazing what you can find when you trawl the internet looking for images that could help and inspire!

This was the very first challenge I posted in this forum.
It was to place the boot into a new situation.

This is Downing Street. With all its history the challenge is to get the archeologists to dig up the road to see what is under there. Who knows what we might find

One of our forum members read a story about potential invisibility devices and wondered what someone dressed in one might look like! There was no start image for this challenge.

We are offered the scene of a corridor in a typical government building. It is joyless, faceless and depressing. Could we liven it up a bit?

Steve announced he was launching his new book "Stuff the Turkey". He had booked a huge billboard and asked for some ideas what it could look like.

This is a good shot of a library in a large house. All it needed was a body!

This image was presented as a cut-out and is of a weathered bronze statue in memory of Quentin Hogg, the founder of the Polytechnique, now the University of London. The challenge is to bring the characters to life and make them look real.



We are presented with a cut-out of a television cameraman. The challenge is to place him somewhere. Studio or location. I think my cynical nature came to the fore here.

We are shown a derelict dairy. The challenge is to restore it ready for re-letting.

This is the cockpit of a small biplane and is given to us as shown or as a cutout. The challenge is to show the plane in action.

This is a computer model of a Neanderthal created in the software "Poser". The challenge is to make him into something more convincing.

This boat is moored safely in a quiet harbour. We are asked to place this same boat in a storm tossed sea; a small fishing boat battling against the odds.


I had just told the forum members at our Christmas Party that I was now old enough to be asked to be Father Christmas! "This was too good to miss!", I was told. The challenge was to make me into Father Christmas but to make my beard from my hair. One forum member suggested that this post was a bit cheeky!

This palm tree growing out of a petrol station was seen in Marrakech. This week's challenge was to find from where else might a palm tree be seen growing?

This window dummy was seen in a London shop. The simple challenge is to bring her to life.

Here is a portrait of a young woman painted in 1633 by Rembrandt. Can we suitably retouch this lady for the cover of a modern magazine?

Steve spent a holiday in rural France building this sundial. What will it look like when the sun is shining?

These ugly PVC doors were seen stuck on this lovely period house in Western France. Could we take them away and restore the house to its original glory?

This was a technical challenge to introduce reflections and perspective. We are given a blanked out cinema sign with a chrome rim on a street wall! What might it look like?

One of our forum members took this photograph of a Carmagnolle diving suit in a Paris museum. Built in 1882 it was the first and the last atmospheric diving suit ever built. She said it looked a bit unloved so could we give it a polish back to its original brassy glory? Maybe even put it to work!